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*Welcome to the new website! It’s the second major design update since this website was started in 1998. It’s still being updated so please do check regularly. Also expect a lot of broken links and weirdly positioned text/photos. Thank you for your patience! 



Welcome to If you’re obsessed with trains and especially KTMB trains, you have come to the right page! My name is Jason Devadason and this website has been up since 1998. Yep, that’s 15 years!! It was first hosted on Tripod and moved to this domain in 2002. Back then it was one of the pioneer websites dedicated to Malaysian trains.

Anyway, I have tried my best to include and update this website with as much information i can about KTMB. If you share the same passion as i do, i’m sure you’ll enjoy this website very much. Please leave your thoughts, opinions and suggestions in the comment section at the bottom of some of the pages.

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