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Heritage Train…in Malaysia?

I’m sure you’ve heard of popular heritage trains (Big Boy, Flying Scotman) around the world and actually we even have one on our own backyard…across the ocean at Sabah, haha. How about heritage train on KTMB’s network? Something which we feel is impossible today was done by a bunch of people back in late 80’s. 56 class steam locomotive was refurbished into working condition with technical help from UK and Australia(??).The steam loco was abandoned and revived again for the Peninsular Railway luxurious passenger service in 1996. The loco sits comfortable the old Johor Bahru station which has been designated as future KTMB museum. Here are some of the surviving photos of this attempt to keep a working steam loco alive:


This was at KLO. The train is waiting to head towards Batu Caves. Photo taken on April 11 1987. (Source)


The same train arriving at Batu Caves. (Source)