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HO Scale Bachmann China DF11 Limited Edition

I dont have any country or era preference when comes to buying locomotives and rolling stock. Why limit myself when there’s so many cool stuff out there? I was introduced to Bachmann China products by Kelvin Khew. Before that my only exprience was with this shitty Bachmann GP38-2(must have been very old run). It was terrible quality with almost no detail. It ran very noisyly and couldn’t pull much weight. It was also powered in one bogie with this lousy motor. From there onwards, i always assume Bachmann just sucks and all those posts on online forums just proves it more……….but i was totally wrong. Kelvin’s DF4D was totally the opposite. It was veerrrrryyy heavy, super small details, ran so quiet i didn’t even know it was moving, comes with bright head light and marker light! I knew i must have atleast one. The opportunity came when a fellow railway fan and modeller, Benny, who is working in Japan manage to get some at very cheap price. Mine was only RM250, brand new. It was a great deal for such high quality locomotive. It was also a Limited Edition version but limited by how, i am not sure. I have to say i am a happy customer.

There are some problems with this loco though. Not really a problem, but the minimum radius should be atleast 22″. 18″ is not recommend as it makes this grinding noise. Everytime i hear that noise, it really worries me, not sure what is being damaged. Also noticed that the loco’s bogie is kinda sensitive. It kept derailing on the KTMRFC’s layout. Also noticed the hand grabs can come off if not handled properly. The cow cather is kinda too low, sometimes on steep gradient, it will get stuck if sectional tracks is used.


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