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HO Scale Mehano Blue Tiger ADtranz/GETS DE-AC33C

I cant remember how i found out about Mehano’s BT, but it was my dream ever since to own one because KTM has got a big fleet of Blue Tiger AKA 26 class locomotives. It was always out of my budget because i still remember Siva told me his BT cost around RM800. He was lucky because his Mehano Blue Tiger was given to him by his boss as wedding gift. I’ve forgotton about BT model for awhile until one day when i stumble upon Eurolokshop website. The price has dropped to RM400! I knew i have to get one no matter what. I asked another fellow modeler, Yong to order one for me because he was ordering some stuff from them too. That way i can save some shipping. I took up a temp job to pay for this in Dec 2006. On 25th January 2007, i finally achieved my dream of owning a BT model. I felt my life was complete at that moment, hehe. Yes, i am crazy. I instantly put it to work on the club’s layout. Pulling box cars, tankers, stock car, hoppers and passenger coaches. It climbed the gradient without any problem and was powerful, smooth, quiet and handsome, everything i hoped for. My only complain is the lights are very dim and almost cannot be seen. Wish they included white LED and marker light.

I think this is worth mentioning. My box arrived in bad shape. The styrofoam inside was damaged on the sides and wont last long before it’s all broken. Also noticed, on one direction, the motor makes this weird buzz sound. Just like any angry customer, i wrote to Mehano and complained about the problems. I was also making noise that i cant send back the loco for warranty because shipping from Malaysia to Slovenia costs a bomb. I expected them to ignore it because that’s what most Malaysian companies do, like crappy Streamyx. Just in few days they replied back very nicely saying they would replace the box and motor. After emailing them my address, i got my brand new box with styrofoam and brand new motor in the mail. They even included spare detail parts and spare cowcatcher in the new box! Now i have a spare set of details incase if any of the detail parts on my BT drops whole operating or handling. That brings me to this issue of details parts. I noticed a few of my detail part from the bogies dropped while playing with the BT. It’s best to glue them even though Mehano’s manual says it’s not necessary.


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