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N Scale Bachmann Dash 8-40C


Photo by Brandon Baxter. Used with permission for

Dash 8-40C is my all time favourite North American locomotive. Not sure why though, maybe subconciously i think it looks likeĀ 25 class. This loco was built in the late 1980’s by GE Transportation Systems. Not sure how many HP but i think more than 4000HP. They are still being used till today in North America.

Ok, about the model now. As you can see in the photos below, it’s pulling some coaches, or atleast pretending to. The locomotive has stopped working after few weeks i bought it. I didn’t know that Bachmann had two runs for this loco and i bought the earlier run. When i first started playing with it, it was quiet and smooth, then it started making alot of noise. I lubed it appropriately, then it got worst. One day while pulling some box cars, it just died. Here’s a tip, get only the new run! The new run comes with installed handrails see through case.


1dash840c 2dash840c