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N Scale Kato SD90/43MAC

I am always attracted to huge locos and it was just natural that i must purchase Kato SD90/43MAC. This locomotive is currently the largest still in active service in the world. It pumps out 6000HP, or atleast suppose to. After some engine problem, EMD reduced the power to 4300HP, hence the 43 from SD90/43MAC. Since then GE has introduced their AC6000CW which is slightly more reliable and retains it’s 6000HP output with most American railroads.
I got this from Ebay for around USD55. I was trying hard to get one in the CEFX livery but unfortunately they are hard to come by and even if they do, are very pricey. The only other choice i had was Union Pacific or Canadian Pacific. I went with the latter because not really into that banana colours.

Performance wise, this is the best N scale i have currently! Smoothest and it can crawl really slow if the tracks are clean and the power pack able to supply low power. I love the white LED lights too, super bright. The thing about this loco is that it has ditch lights too. Not many manufacturers have this feature in N scale. It’s also DCC ready where i can use Digitrax’s plugin decoder without the hassle of soldering anything. It comes short and long shank knuckle couplers. If you want to operate on 9 3/4 inch radius, you must use the long shank coupler so that the wagons behind wont derail while taking the curve.


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