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Malayan Railway – A pictorial history from 1962
The best website on Malayan Railways. Tons of old rare photos. The owner of the website is Malcolm Wilton Jones.

Locomotives of Malayan Railway
Information on steam and diesel locomotives. Also information of KTM Komuter EMUs. This is where I first learned the different locomotives in KTMB.

Malayan Railways Trainspotter Videos Collection
Videos taken by the webmaster, Hafizi Akmal. Very unique concept and alot of interesting videos.

And finally KTMB’s official website.

North Borneo Railway(also known as Sabah State Railway)
This is the other railway in Sabah, East Malaysia. This is the only other railway operator in Malaysia which operates diesel locomotives and the only one to operate steam locomotives. Unlike KTMB, North Borneo Railway is a very small railway operator using very old locomotives (YEAH!!!). My dream is to visit this railway one day.

Steam Locomotives in Malaysia
A very good site about steam locos in the world. Check out Malaysia’s section. Has some info and pics of the short lived steam service in the mid 90’s. Also information and a lot of pics on North Borneo Railway. Better then the official website.




Locomotive Centennial 1885 – 1985
By J.A Stanistreet
A very good book on steam and diesel locomotives. This book has information on steam locomotvies from F.M.S.R (Federated Malay States Railway) era to diesel locomotives from today’s KTMB. This book doesn’t have any information on newer locos like class 24,24 and YDM.


Sejarah Keretapi Di Malaysia(Malay)
By M.A. Fawzi Basri
The best book on railways in Malaysia. Has a lot of history on the earlier Malay states railway and how it was merged and became FMSR. Also has information on Sabah state railway.


With The Trains In Peninsular Malaysia
By Mohd. Arifin bin Abdul Ghani
This book is basically about travelling in Malaysia by train.


The Railway Workshop
A slim book on Sentul Workshop. Has a lot of history.



Tiger Steam CD-ROM
Normally i wouldn’t care much for people trying to sell their photos. I personally feel sharing will bring this hobby further. Anyway, Old photos of steam locomotives of South East Asia. I was told that it has about 100+ pics of Malayan Railway alone. The whole CD contains about 1200 pics. I doubt will ever purchase this cd because it’s too pricey.


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