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KTMB 21 class

21106 in old maroon livery. Pictures thanks to Kumaran.

21106 in old maroon livery. Picture thanks to Kumaran.

Class 21 was first introduced to Malaysia in 1965. It was suppose to be used for the East Coast line where 20 class couldn’t enter due to its weight and length. It was built by the now defunct Kisha Keiso Kasha Ltd, Japan. This is the only mainline diesel-hydraulic and wheel arrangement of BO-BO locomotive used by KTMB. Because of the light axle weight, the locomotive experiences wheel slip very often.

This class has been withdrawn from service. There is one class 21 locomotive numbered 211.11 displayed at a park in Malacca city. There was another loco rotting away at a siding in Seremban station in 2004 but has been scrapped. Unfortunately I’ve never see one run in real life before.

The diesel engine is made by Maybach Mercedes-Benz. The type of engine used is DB800 with idling speed of 600rpm and maximum speed at full load is 1500rpm. This locomotive produces 1060 horsepower. The tractive effort is 34,940. The turbo transmission used is made by Voith Germany.


The abandoned 21 class locomotive at Seremban station. Was coupled to this old timey coach. Has been scrapped.