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KTMB 23 class

Class 23 was built by Hitachi, Japan. It made it’s debut in Malaysia in 1983. It is still used. I heard there are a lot of reliability problem with this class. Class 23 are also quite hard to spot at Kuala Lumpur this days because isnt many which is still active. This is one of my favourite loco. It uses Pielstick engine. This loco produces 2160 horsepower. From what i experienced, this engines are quite underpowered and shouldn’t be used for passenger trains.


 Locomotive Number  Locomotive Name
 23101 Amanah
 23102 Bijak
 23103 Berani
 23104 Bersih
 23105 Cekap
 23106 Gagah
 23107 Handal
 23108 Hormat
 Locomotive Number  Locomotive Name
 23109 Ikhlas
 23110 Jujur
 23111 Maju
 23112 Panduan
 23113 Pantas
 23114 Sedia
 23115 Setia

Below are some photos taken at Sentul yard before it was demolished and cleared. The abandoned locomotives have been scrapped.

Here are some random shots. Some of it are from 2002.