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KTMB 25 class

25 class locomotives were originally meant for shunting. This were actually ordered by Egypt for their railways. Then they cancelled their order, which made GM look for a new buyer. KTMB agreed to buy them because they are facing shortage shunters. The first batch arrived in 1991. KTMB was surprised with their realiablity. They placed a second batch of order which arrived in 2002. 25 class engines are still the most reliable in KTMB’s fleet. The YDM proved to be more reliable but then again those engines are leased from Ircon. I haven’t been able to collect any technical data, will update this page soon with those info.

 Locomotive Number  Locomotive Name
 25101 Pulau Angsa
 25102 Pulau Besar
 25103 Pulau Bidong
 25104 Pulau Indah
 25105 Pulau Jerejak
 25106 Pulau Labuan
 25107 Pulau Langkawi
 25108 Pulau Pangkor
 25109 Pulau Perhentian
 25110 Pulau Pinang
 25111 Pulau Redang
 25112 Pulau Tioman
 Locomotive Number  Locomotive Name
 25201 Zamrud
 25202 Delima
 25203 Nilam
 25204 Mutiara
 25205 Berlian