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KTMB 29 class – Dalian

The 29 class locomotive or also known as Dalian among railway staffs and enthusiasts, was introduced in late 2005. It’s made in China by Dalian Locomotive Works in exchange for palm oil. It was named 29 instead of 27 because previously rail cars were using that number. This locomotives are currently the most powerful in South East Asia. It has a MAN engine from Germany which produces 3450HP. Unfortunately, this locomotive is infamous for bad reliability. As soon as they were put to service, it was having major problems and many were sitting in workshops. I guess this is what happens when you buy locomotives from China.

The exterior design of the loco is somewhat….unique, i guess. I think the Chinese designers copied the Blue Tigers here and there.


 Locomotive Number  Locomotive Name
 29101 Cengal
 29102 Meranti
 29103 Merbau
 29104 Jati
 29105 Mersawa
 29106 Belian
 29107 Keranji
 29108 Balau
 29109 Keruing
 29110 Penaga
 Locomotive Number  Locomotive Name
 29111 Seraya
 29112 Damar
 29113 Nyatoh
 29114 Ramin
 29115 Kempas
 29116 Sepetir
 29117 Tembusu
 29118 Tualang
 29119 Medang
 29120 Kledang

29 Class arrival:


Random shots. Sorted by date: