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6675 at Taiping.

6675 at Taiping.

This locomotive was built by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi, India. YDM 6000 series locomotives are leased from Indian Railways. It is still in service. This loco produces only 1300 horsepower. It has a top speed of 120KM/h. This loco is called YDM because of the Indian Railways locomotive classification system. For this locomotive it is in the form of gauge, power and load. So Y from YDM represents metre gauge, D represents diesel, and M represents mixed loads.

Total of 39 was sent to Malaysia but 19 was sent back to India by 1999. KTMB plans to send all of them back to Ircon in stages after 29 Class from China has arrived. Some of the engines has been spotted with Ircon logo instead of KTMB’s. However, as of 15 April 2014, YDM locos are still widely used on the network. For passenger service, it is mostly used for Mail Trains and Local Trains in the South and East Coast. Sometimes when there is a loco shortage, YDM4 engines can be seen pulling express services especially Express Wau and Express Langkawi. YDM4s are widely used in the northern sector too for freight. It does all from flat cars with containers to Bogie Tank Urea(BTU). This engines are well known among KTM staffs and railway fans for it’s reliability. Their reliability is 200,000km per failure! However, the drivers prefer other locos over YDM because it is under powered and also produces too much smoke which enters the cab at times. It will be very sad to see this heavy smokers leave Malaysia, if that happens.


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