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Armoured Wickham Trolley

Before the long and comfortable highways were built, railways was the major transportation between cities in peninsular Malaysia. Therefore, during the Malaysian communist insurgency, the railways became the major targets. During that period, many derailments and explosions were reported. The answer to stop this was the Armoured Wickham Trolley from UK. The trolley which looks like a tank has been used since late 1940’s to 1960’s. The idea was to place it infront of the locomotive and is manned by several police mans with guns.

This is a preserved Armoured Wickham Trolley at the Royal Malaysian Police Museum, Kuala Lumpur. It was brought from Ipoh Railway Station and was delivered on 19.11.2002 to Old Kuala Lumpur station. It was relocated to make way for the electrified double tracking project from Rawang to Ipoh. Since then, it has been donated to the museum to be displayed there. Also displayed is the Tapah Road Station signboard and a semaphore signal.

Sorry for they dull photos, it was a gloomy day!

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